GOOGLE_REVIEW - 17/03/2023
Radwell is very quick to respond. Delivers most items in a timely matter. Communicates well if package isn't delivered on time. Carrys a large variety of items you can't find other places.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 17/03/2023
great service
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/03/2023
it was easy to place my online order
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/03/2023
Met my expectations perfectly. Item as described and arrived on promised delivery date.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/03/2023
Radwell was easy to work with, fast shipping
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 12/03/2023
very efficient people
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 07/03/2023
Radwell was very user friendly. My item shipped promptly and I was sent updates throughout the process.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 07/03/2023
shipped fast and correct part
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 28/02/2023
Easy online ordering, good communication, quick shipping!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 24/02/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 21/02/2023
Our shipment came with CANDY!!!! Fun day for everyone.
ANONYMOUS - 20/02/2023
Had what we needed and shipped it quickly.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 13/02/2023
The right stuff and well documented. Showed up in the mail extremely fast. Will rely on Radwell for future projects.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 08/02/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 08/02/2023
Find what I need quick and check out fast.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 06/02/2023
Fast accurate service and shipment.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 01/02/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 31/01/2023
Everything went smooth. Part arrived as scheduled. Even though it said refurbished it looked brand new.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 25/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 25/01/2023
Muy buena, el servicio es excelente. / Very good, the service is excellent.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 24/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 23/01/2023
fast service friendly people
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 20/01/2023
great service and products
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 20/01/2023
Great Employees. easy ordering online & by phone. Fast delivery
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/01/2023
Super quick shipping. Product arrived as described. Competitive prices.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/01/2023
Fast shopping
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/01/2023
Easily found what I was looking for and quick delivery.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/01/2023
Great service and great product availability.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/01/2023
Had what I needed, detailed description, hassle free check out.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/01/2023
Shipped quickly! Easy to use website.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/01/2023
They had what I needed and was delivered in good shape and on time.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/01/2023
very good experience
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/01/2023
Great people to work with!!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/01/2023
Radwell is the best, they have great customer service and the hard to find parts
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/01/2023
Very easy to work with.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 17/01/2023
Every order that we have placed is due to an equipment break down issue whereas it is critical to get back up and running and Radwell has yet to let us down. Their website has always stated what they have for inventory, price is accurately depicted and has always been shipped out and received as stated. In todays day and age of distributor/suppliers over promising and underperforming, Radwell has truly met every expectation and we will continue to us them. Thank you for being a trustworthy supplier.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 17/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/01/2023
Radwell had the hard to find parts I needed and got them to me quickly. Excellent!!!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/01/2023
Best availability and prices available. If not factory new they also carry factory refurbished OR they will repair your component. Hard to beat this one stop combination.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/01/2023
Quick and easy, delivered right on time.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/01/2023
Awesome customer service!
PAUL V. - 16/01/2023
The best when it comes to finding what I need
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/01/2023
Easy to use website. Great customer service! Fast shipping of available products. Radwell has helped us keep our equipment running. An awesome asset for any purchaser. Thank you Radwell
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/01/2023
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/01/2023
very good experience 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 12/01/2023
I wish all of our vendors were as efficient as you are
RODNEY M. - 12/01/2023
Thank you for your quick service!
DAVID W. - 11/01/2023
Thanks for your prompt response!
DANIEL H. - 10/01/2023
Thank you for your speedy response, much appreciated.
DENISE C. - 09/01/2023
Found exactly what I needed, communication about the order was great, and shipping was fast. Overall very happy!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 07/01/2023
Thanks for your wonderful Help!
KARLA R. - 05/01/2023
I really appreciate all your effort in getting this to us!
ED W. - 04/01/2023
Thanks to all for the support yesterday. We appreciate the help!
FRANK G. - 03/01/2023
I appreciate your quick response!
KEN R. - 30/12/2022
Items arrived exactly as described, Shipping was perfect and received an unexpected gift that raised a big smile.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 28/12/2022
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the outstanding service that we receive from Deanna C. Whenever we’re in trouble, Deanna is 99% of the time able to help us. That 1% of the time the parts are obsolete and there are no parts in the system. Radwell International is our primary “go-to” company because of Deanna’s ability to get me out of a bad spot on a continuous basis. You’re inventory and broad range of parts is truly amazing!
FRANK S. - 27/12/2022
Congratulations to Radwell and the epic journey of success this year. We wish you and every family member a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!
JOHN P. - 27/12/2022
Thank you so much for processing it in such a quick manner. I really appreciate it.
FUMIHIRO A. - 23/12/2022
Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly. I always appreciate Radwell’s excellent customer service.
RHEADON H. - 22/12/2022
Everything was excellent!
MANUEL R. - 22/12/2022
Thank you for your help! I look forward to doing business with some other projects
GEORGE P. - 21/12/2022
Thanks so much for the communication this weekend! We at Heritage Bag really appreciate that. It's great to know that you guys are dedicated to making things happen even on the weekend. That kind of work is noticed, and very well received. Going forward we will think of you guys FIRST, when it comes to the services that are provided by Radwell.
ROB R. - 19/12/2022
Thank you very much I appreciate the prompt response!
VICTORIA D. - 19/12/2022
JUAN A. - 16/12/2022
Great job to your team! Patty changed shipping methods at the last minute & the shipping team jumped on changing it to overnight. MAGIC HAPPENS HERE EVERYDAY! ??
PATTY S. - 14/12/2022
STEPHEN B. - 13/12/2022
My very best to all of you this Holiday season. Thank you for the wonderful voicemail. My sentiments are reciprocated to everyone at Radwell for taking such good care of us. You folks are truly a blessing to me. A very Blessed and safe holiday to everyone!
ROBERT M. - 13/12/2022
Way to go team Radwell!
MICHAEL B. - 12/12/2022
Thank you for your assistance, I very much appreciate the time you took to help me with this.
BRUCE M. - 09/12/2022
We received it and plan on installing it ASAP. Tell your team thank you for making sure our house is warm and hopefully comfortable. We appreciate the effort they have put forth.
JOE K. - 09/12/2022
Every time I need something Radwell has it! Always fast delivery and excellent customer service!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 07/12/2022
Good morning, Brianna! Just wanted to thank you for your help again! I rec’d the part and our customer is installing right now. This was for Hospital Parking Lot Lights…deemed high priority. Appreciate you doing a great job for me on this!
NICK M. - 01/12/2022
Niosha- Thank you again so much! I appreciate you taking care of everything so quickly and easily.
PATTY G. - 30/11/2022
Thanks for your help Michael. I love your company !!!!!
KENT H. - 29/11/2022
Received our packages like they promised was very impressed, Will use them again in the future.
JIM R. - 21/11/2022
Good morning, Jamie & Allisson and Radwell team Thank you for reaching out. With my limited experience with Radwell, I must say this HOT order was made extremely easy by your team. I look forward to continuing our working relationship.
IAN W. - 17/11/2022
Radwell always comes through. They even sent a bag of candy with my order. Nice touch! 5 STARS
RON A. - 07/11/2022
You guys are great!
ROBERT K. - 04/11/2022
Great customer service and parts selection! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 04/11/2022
Amazing is all I can say about how much discontinued and obsolete inventory they can find and keep. And their logistics team is top notch. When they say overnight, they really mean it. And coming from NJ, I'm sure that's tough at times. I keep Radwell in my front pocket to bail me out of tough situations and they haven't let me down yet! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 27/10/2022
As described, arrived quickly and on-time. Ordered online but spoke with customer service to verify and they were very friendly and knowledgeable. I would use Radwell again as they got me out of a supply chain pinch. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 27/10/2022
Fast delivery and good prices! 5 STARS
KAREN G. - 24/10/2022
Have used several times always very dependable. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/10/2022
Caidian M and Tom S rated Radwell International 5 STARS!!!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/10/2022
Parts arrived in a timely manner. 5 STARS
CARL B. - 18/10/2022
Very good product and easy shopping. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/10/2022
I made my order online. It was very user friendly, easy to check out, & I received my order when promised! what more could I want! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 10/10/2022
I have never had any problem when I order. With my last order I called in, they took my order, and the product was delivered immediately!
MARGARITA A. - 06/10/2022
Julia was very polite and knowledgeable and responded to my immediate concerns and needs.
JOHN H. - 05/10/2022
Always a great buying experience. Extremely fast to receive items. 5 STARS
MICHAEL L. - 03/10/2022
I rely on Radwell for many parts I can't find anywhere else, or if I do find them elsewhere they are overpriced.
MIKE C. - 03/10/2022
Everything was great and thank you for the candy bag treat! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 30/09/2022
Radwell seems to always have what I am needing. 5 STARS
MLK682 - 28/09/2022
Part came correct and in a timely matter. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 26/09/2022
Power supply unit on a piece of equipment failed. The unit is no longer produced and there was no reconditioned units available. Radwell provided a replacement unit for far less than the original cost. It went right in the electrical cabinet and works perfectly. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 22/09/2022
I recently had a positive experience concerning a bid issue. Everyone I worked with, were pleasant and helpful. I'd like to thank Eric H, Brian K and most importantly Justin H. I applaud the customer service at Radwell and hope to continue doing business for many years to come. Thank you again. - Kyle A
KYLE A. - 21/09/2022
As always, easy to order and fast to get! Thank for being my solution in time of need! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/09/2022
Very helpful sales rep's! Also fast and reliable delivery times.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 13/09/2022
Good! Fast Responses! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 12/09/2022
Good parts, quick shipping options! 5 STARS
EVAN O. - 09/09/2022
I just wanted to tell you how amazing the customer service I have received from Andy T. I know this sounds crazy BUT, I order from hundreds of vendors & have been here for 19 years & have NEVER received this level of customer service from a vendor…EVER!!!! You have no idea how easy they made my job. Customer service is almost extinct now a days and I will be doing much more business with Radwell International due to the exceptional service.
CHRISTINE M. - 07/09/2022
Product was exactly what I ordered and worked as expected. My item was also shipped promptly and packaged well! 5 STARS
STAN W. - 07/09/2022
Good parts and quick shipping options. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 07/09/2022
Had the part in stock Ordered part came earlier than predicted. Will definitely use them again -TY Radwell!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 31/08/2022
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 27/07/2022
DAVID F. - 26/07/2022
Easy parts look up and fast delivery. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 21/07/2022
Fast and friendly! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/07/2022
Ease of online ordering and payment. Part arrived in excellent condition. Radwell saved the day. 5 STARS
AMERICAN R. - 18/07/2022
5 STARS to Radwell!
SHOPEANDO C. - 14/07/2022
5 STARS!!!! Experience was great! Had what I needed and shipping was quick
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/07/2022
Quick delivery. Good price. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 12/07/2022
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 07/07/2022
Great service, fast, easy to order, came on time, and as described! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 27/06/2022
Easy to do business with and fast delivery!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 24/06/2022
They had what I was looking for. The description was correct for the item. And it was easy to checkout as a first time customer. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 21/06/2022
Thank you for the help last night, that got our robot up and running! You will be getting ALL my robot business from here on out.
NATHAN S. - 17/06/2022
They had what I needed in stock and I received my package earlier than expected. Thank you Radwell!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 03/06/2022
Excellent service! 5 STARS
INGVAR J. - 01/06/2022
Been using Radwell for years and I have never had a bad experience with them!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 25/05/2022
Product was delivered as advertised and in a timely manner. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 24/05/2022
Hi Jaan It was great to work with you and satisfying knowing the products you have purchased are being repurposed and not just going to landfill. Have a great remainder of your week and long weekend.
HARLEY M. - 19/05/2022
Excellent 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 13/05/2022
Everything was good, service and polite personnel answered all my questions. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 10/05/2022
Great Job! 4 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 02/05/2022
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 27/04/2022
Yes Mr. Zurita, I am the only "fluent" English speaker here at our place of business so "Mr. Smiley" (aka Ismael R) has been of great help to our company because of the language barrier. We appreciate everything he does for us and how he always goes above and beyond to answer all our questions, whether it is a question about a part, shipping or even tracking information. We appreciate how both you and Mr. Smiley always keep us informed about our orders and quotes. Both of you gentlemen are a big asset to Radwell and once again, we greatly appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you very much!
ELOISA B. - 22/04/2022
Found the obsolete parts I needed. My order arrived very quickly! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/04/2022
Great service! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 11/04/2022
Exactly what I was looking for & shipped quickly. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 06/04/2022
Radwell has become my go-to site for parts. Multi Tier shopping options on most automation sensors has been a real savings and the site and people are top notch. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 01/04/2022
Great service and Quick dispatch. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 23/03/2022
I found what I needed and shipping was fast. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 22/03/2022
Guest checkout is really useful. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/03/2022
5 STARS The online ordering process went really we no complications at all.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 08/03/2022
5 STARS Excellent service. fast shipping, had exactly what I needed
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 02/03/2022
I have been using for sourcing parts for several years now and have never been disappointed. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 25/02/2022
I have been using for sourcing parts for several years now and have never been disappointed. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 24/02/2022
Radwell seems to always have the stock I'm looking for.. 5 stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 21/02/2022
5 STARS! Excellent service
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 17/02/2022
Excellent service! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 11/02/2022
Thank you for your service Radwell ! We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing service!
KIN F. - 10/02/2022
Quick service on time delivery! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 31/01/2022
fast service 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 29/01/2022
The ordering process was easy and convenient. Thank you! 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 25/01/2022
Right on time. They were easy to work with and the part was as described. This is the second time I ordered from them and will do so in the future.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/01/2022
Thank You. We received the Omron DAC01 Display Panel. Looks new and works great! Thank You. I passed your information over to our manufacturer. Again, thank you. Ronnie W
RONNIE W. - 04/01/2022
Fast and Easy! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 30/12/2021
Easy Shopping! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 28/12/2021
Very pleased with the way my initial purchase was handled (including the fast handling of my sales tax exemption certificate). Your corporate communications are fast and professional, and I'm looking forward to doing more business with Radwell in the near future.
JOEL A. - 21/12/2021
My purchase went smoothly. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 20/12/2021
One of the parts that was ordered was not what the description said it was and we were not able to use it. Customer service was very quick at responding back to my claim and sending me a RMA to return the part for a credit.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 17/12/2021
We received and installed our new VFD on Saturday, and are about to start Production this morning!
GOOGLE_ F. - 13/12/2021
Found exactly what I needed, communication about the order was great, and shipping was fast. Overall very happy! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 03/12/2021
Thank you Chelsea. You are amazing as well as Radwell. Thank you all for your help.
MATTHEW M. - 01/12/2021
WANDA J. - 30/11/2021
As Always, Spot on Service... 5 stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 23/11/2021
My first official customer quote. The representative Ismael R, was clear and honest, provide support to my inquiry in my request language. Offered direct future service via email for inquiries, quotations and order placing.
JOSE G. - 22/11/2021
What's not to like? Products we need, speedy shipping .. they're on it! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/11/2021
Thank you Nikki! Your professionalism and customer service are above par!
RENE R. - 17/11/2021 is always accommodating and prompt. Great customer service. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/11/2021
Very easy to order, good pricing and quick shipping ! Will definitely purchase from them again in the future. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/11/2021
Hey Jamie- Tell the team great job on the PC board repair. Installed this yesterday and everything works just like new! Cheers
LEE C. - 09/11/2021
Radwell had the the part I needed in stock and I received in a very timely manner. Very happy with my purchase 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 01/11/2021
Radwell is an excellent resource for industrial supply. Mainly, as anyone knows, for older or discontinued items, and rebuilding/repairing motors servos anything. We do a lot of business with them and will continue to as the value of service is irreplaceable.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 27/10/2021
Easy ,simple and fast response.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 25/10/2021
Easy to maneuver on the site and fast shipping. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 21/10/2021
Very fast service, very reliable. When there has been a return, very courteous, quick response with needs. 5STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 18/10/2021
Tea can work magic and helps me out with hard to find electronics. Thank you!
MITCH K. - 13/10/2021
I indicated a need for rapid shipping, and Radwell came through!! Good communications via email. Brian-
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 11/10/2021
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 08/10/2021
I have to say that Dave, Noreen, and Gevona have been excellent in their customer service responses, quickness to resolve the issue and have all been very professional.
EMILIE H. - 06/10/2021
Great! Fans arrived quickly and work as promised.
GOOGLE_REVIEWS - 04/10/2021
Radwell had the parts we needed and got them to us exactly when they said they would. I would definitely recommend them!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 01/10/2021
Thank you for your service!
KIM F. - 30/09/2021
Dwaine was an absolute pleasure to deal with. The whole process of selling my items was made super easy and everything was explained to me clearly. I will definitely be a returning customer.
ANONYMOUS - 29/09/2021
Great service is hard to find now days but your company seems to have everything together.
BRIAN A. - 23/09/2021
I have recently discovered your online Marketplace and have put a few orders through already. I have got to say, I am liking the service !
DAVE T. - 21/09/2021
I always get a quick response via e-mail. Always friendly. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 20/09/2021
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 17/09/2021
Parts were as described and delivered timely. Thank you! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/09/2021
Radwell is one of the best suppliers I have ever used. Customer support, vast inventory, ease of access through the website, and they are truly an asset to our daily operations.
NICK A. - 15/09/2021
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/09/2021
I really appreciated the friendly and professional customer service I received from Cole. I wish all CS agents took this much pride in service.
ARNOLD M. - 10/09/2021
Great transaction. Thanks Radwell. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 08/09/2021
SUPER GREAT AAA+ ALL THE WAY. This is the company I will use for all my future needs. The people I have worked with are the BEST I have ever worked with in my lifetime and I tell it like it is. They care about your company needs and have great customer service I would recommend Radwell to anyone. Radwell is my GO -TO company. I wish I had found them sooner. They really make my day!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 01/09/2021
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 20/08/2021
Excellent Service that you can trust it. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 12/08/2021
I entered my part number online, and Radwells site came up. I verified the part they listed was what I needed, ordered it, and within a few days it had arrived. It was easy. Thanks, Radwell 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 10/08/2021
I was notified on time about the lack of one of the ordered parts. Radwell made an effort to locate a replacement on time and ship it together with the rest. Through this process Radwell contacted me to give me all details. Best in class customer support!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 30/07/2021
Ordered part on Tuesday afternoon, received the part before noon on Wednesday! The part was installed immediately. Great service and expedited in a very timely manner. The boss didn't even know we had to change the punch/dies manually! Thank you Radwell!.
R K. - 28/07/2021
Hi PLC Center. I recently purchased 2 SR-2 tri-Tronics units from you, my old ones had a recessed tuning button, your ones have a proper knob type, which I have been trying to get even from Tri Tronics. I am absolutely delighted with them, and your guys dealt with okay over the massive mail bill that was originally quoted. Thank you! You are an amazing company and have a great team of people working for you, A very rare thing these days,
JOHN T. - 28/07/2021
Prompt shipment. Good communication. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 23/07/2021
Servicio rápido y seguro de USA México 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 16/07/2021
Not a thing to improve on! Very good and fast too! A great job! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 09/07/2021
Always the best! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 08/07/2021
Excelente 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 01/07/2021
Continually good service! 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 30/06/2021
Great experience as usual and the fast shipping really saved the day for us! 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 25/06/2021
I used the online service, it was fast & easy. Delivery was on time. I will use this again. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 23/06/2021
Radwell is becoming more and more a major part of our operation! Please thank everyone at Radwell for keeping us up and running time and time again! Chris
CHRIS C. - 15/06/2021
They were able to provide two electronic components that nobody else seemed to still have, the price was reasonable, and the delivery was earlier than promised. Dealing with them was 100% excellent. 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVEIW - 08/06/2021
Good and Quick! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEWS - 27/05/2021
Product as promised ! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 25/05/2021
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 24/05/2021
Prompt, efficient, accurate. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/05/2021
Everything was great. The part got here quickly and it fixed my problem! 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 17/05/2021
Juan rated us excellent in all areas and stated there was nothing we needed to improve on with his experience!
JUAN P. - 11/05/2021
5 Stars Everything I have purchased was delivered in a timely fashion and also was the correct parts needed!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 05/05/2021
Website is easy to use, prompt shipping. As described. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 04/05/2021
Quick response Quick shipping Best price around for an obsolete part 5 STARS Thanks- Deborah!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 28/04/2021
Muy bien! 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 23/04/2021
They had the obsolete part we needed and we got it very quick! 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 21/04/2021
I knew that you have a great team and your inventory is very good. Your responses and shipping times have also improved. Excellent job!
ELISEO D. - 16/04/2021
Radwell let me know the old-style count/controller was in stock and they shipped it the same day and it worked A-OK. They have purchased used/good parts from me and they handled everything well. They have so much stuff!!! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 13/04/2021
Site was clean of needless info; data was accurate; process was quick. What’s not to like ? 5Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 09/04/2021
Radwell has always met my needs and expectations. Very easy to work with and super fast on the shipping. Thanks for being there for us!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 07/04/2021
Excellent service- Very pleased! 5 Stars
GOOGLE-REVIEW - 05/04/2021
5 Stars! Went very smooth. Radwell had the parts I needed and were easily found without extra searching. Delivered quickly as requested no problems...
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 30/03/2021
Very easy to order on line and accurate. Speedy delivery. Quality products at competitive prices. 5 Staras
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 26/03/2021
EXCELLENT!!!! 5Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 19/03/2021
la compra se realizo bastante rápido y tienen una gran variedad de productos nuevos y usados que se pueden utilizar ya que están probados eso es un plus, solo estoy a la espera de los productos para probarlos. gracias
GOOGLE_ R. - 12/03/2021
Fast easy and shipped received excellent! 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 10/03/2021
Todo muy bien! 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 05/03/2021
First purchase from Web site was easy to navigate and search worked well. Had the components I needed - with purchase options. Pricing realistic for what I bought - great value over some other sources. Shipping cost was reasonable and delivery was rapid. Will shop again. Candy was a nice touch, too.5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEWS - 05/03/2021
On time just like they said it would be painless ! 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 05/03/2021
Easy to do business with Radwell!!! 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 23/02/2021
A big thanks goes to Radwell International and Kayla for a great job on customer service. No other company was able to deliver until Tuesday or Wednesday, Radwell came through with a Saturday delivery. Again thanks to your staff, fantastic job, well done
JEFF S. - 15/02/2021
Part got here two days early and it was less expensive than anywhere else I looked. Definitely order from you again. Thank you
JASON S. - 10/02/2021
I like their extensive selection of products and price. I was able to navigate their site easily to find my needs- 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVEIW - 09/02/2021
Great, fast delivery 5 stars!
GOOGLE_REVEIW - 09/02/2021 instruction very clear and user friendly. 2.customer service response fast. fast and goods received in good conditions 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVEIW - 01/02/2021
Product was quickly delivered and with no problems. 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 28/01/2021
Got just what I needed and shipped it out same day. 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVEIW - 25/01/2021
Very friendly and received our parts promptly! 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 11/01/2021
Good service, delivered in time, Customer rep was available even during the Holiday season. Excellent supplier and fantastic communication- 5 Stars
GOOGLE_ F. - 30/12/2020
Always have what we need and deliver when they say. 5Stars!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 14/12/2020
Great service. Parts were as described and very reasonably priced. Delivery was fast also. Thank you.
GOOGLE_REVEIW - 09/12/2020
Radwell -Thank you so much for your help. The pilot burner is installed; I am ready for cold weather!
ERNIE G. - 08/12/2020
Very easy. Works great for me 5 STARS!
GOOGL_REVEIW - 04/12/2020
Very easy. Works great for me 5 Stars!
GOOGLE_REVEIW - 03/12/2020
If they don't have the exact manufacturers part number then they can cross it over for you. This saves me a bunch of time. For parts that have been discontinued by the manufacturer they can find an upgrade part to replace it. Once again, they save me a bunch of time! 5 STARS!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 01/12/2020
Our repaired board was received and installed. It worked perfectly! Thank you for the performance of your repairs. We now have heat back in our building Radwell did a Great job, Bob
BOB M. - 25/11/2020
Appreciate your GREAT customer service. You have been a great help with obtaining COVID PPE.
JOHNNY R. - 23/11/2020
Precio, plazo de entrega y cumplimiento en el despacho. Siempre he recibido los productos como fueron informados en su promoción. 5 STARS
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 20/11/2020
Easy ordering & quick to ship! 5 Stars
GOOGLE _. - 19/11/2020
Needed some odd lamps for our test equipment. Checked on line with several "suppliers" . Radwell was the only one that had qty and pricing, including overseas shipping at several rates. I ordered on line, got confirmation stating they are checking all details on goods ordered. Next I got an email with all data including invoice and tracking number. This was on the 12 Nov. Received goods this morning in Australia, Tuesday the 17 Nov. ! Perfect as described. Very generous on the bubble wrap. solid packed. With service like this for a first time customer I can only highly recommend them. Goods where in stock and as promised. Shipping was prompt and efficient and not at great expense. Well done ! I can only say, like the big guy said, "I'll be back". Jv
GOOGLE_ R. - 17/11/2020
Got good assistance and quick shipping from Radwell. 4 Stars!
GOOGLE_REVIEWS - 16/11/2020
5 Stars! Direct and easy shopping. No problems.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 11/11/2020
Received and installed the fan today, Thank you for having what I needed in stock, shipping it promptly, and it working properly. Well done.
DUANE S. - 09/11/2020
Prices are fair and shipping is always done with the utmost respect for the product and the consumer. Pricing was better than anticipated. Purchase was quick and simple. Confirmation email with tracking info. sent at time of shipment. No need for follow-up calls, emails, etc. There's not one thing I can think of that could have been done better or more efficiently!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 05/11/2020
Prices are fair and shipping is always done with the utmost respect for the product and the consumer.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 05/11/2020
From website, online product selection, to UPS delivery.....outstanding service in all respects. 5 Stars!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 02/11/2020
Excellent site easy to find what I need. No complaints. Radwell always has the parts I need. Truly a great company. Keep up the awesome work ! 5Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEWS - 30/10/2020
Excellent site- easy to find what I need. No complaints. Radwell always has the parts I need. Truly a great company keep up the awesome work.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 29/10/2020
Smooth transaction, fast delivery- 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 27/10/2020
Fast and quality shipping! 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 21/10/2020
5 Stars! Excellent Service!!!!
GOOGLE_ R. - 20/10/2020
They always seems to have the hard to find or discontinued part...
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 20/10/2020
Product was as described and delivered as promised. Contact on order status was documented well with follow through.
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 20/10/2020
This was my first purchasing experience with Radwell. Everything was handled courteously and professionally. The outdated item was reasonably priced. The item arrived on time as promised. I am happy with the overall experience.5 Stars!
GOOGLE_ R. - 20/10/2020
Easy on-line ordering-5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 15/10/2020
Thank you for all your help last Friday evening in helping us procure and deliver the SEW unit to Dublin on Saturday morning. Our client was extremely impressed and appreciative of the service we were able to supply. Please pass on my thanks to your engineer and the driver Kev for their help. Service such as this is very hard to come by and I look forward to doing further business with Radwell as a result.
BILLY D. - 15/10/2020
Excellent price and quick shipping. Item was exactly what I was looking for. 5Stars!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 13/10/2020
Things are going good. Thank you for the great service you guys provide day in and day out!
JOE H. - 12/10/2020
Superb customer service! I received my order and discovered some of my parts were missing. I called them and spoke to Kaitlin. She told me she would look into it and get back to me. She emailed me back the same day and told me they found my missing parts and would send them right out. But, that's not all. They shipped them overnight! I received them the next day. I know a company is terrific when they make an error and do whatever is necessary, regardless of cost to them, to make it right! Thanks for fantastic customer service, Kaitlin! And, thank you Radwell for letting Kaitlin do her job as it should be done. A+ Company!!
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 08/10/2020
The part that we required, was shipped to us next day and our plant is up and running! Thank you for your help
JOAQUIN G. - 06/10/2020
Thank you so much for all of your help, I really appreciate it. It’s people like you, who make my job so much easier.
DAVID B. - 05/10/2020
Easy to order, very fast shipping and great price. 5 Stars
GOOGLE_REVIEW - 05/10/2020
Please pass along our gratitude to those who re-built our knife monitor/computer! Everything works great!!
JAN T. - 02/10/2020
You guys are the best!
TOM C. - 02/10/2020
My guys really like the candies y’all send with the parts I order! Thank you
HENRY D. - 02/10/2020
Always a good experience. I purchase from Radwell quite often. As the manager of the parts room in an old industrial manufacturing facility, I find that most times Radwell has the older parts that I need. I have yet to have an item from them fail. 5 Stars!
GOOGLE R. - 01/10/2020
5 Stars! The vendor was very helpful and solved my issue quickly. Will not hesitate to purchase from them in the future.
GOOGLE R. - 01/10/2020
5 Stars! The item I ordered was in new condition and it was shipped fast.
GOOGLE R. - 30/09/2020
5 Stars! Great prices fast shipping!
GOOGLE R. - 30/09/2020
Radwell had the part I needed and was able to ship for next day- 5 stars - Google review
ANONYMOUS - 29/09/2020
Efficient service to help me get supplies in a timely manner.
ANONYMOUS - 29/09/2020
Five stars!!! Items were easy to find good pricing. Items were shipped quick and came in in good shape. Google review
ANONYMOUS - 29/09/2020
ehr geehrte Damen, nochmals vielen Dank für die schnelle Erledigung unserer Reparatur. Wir haben heute morgen die Steuerung erhalten und bereits eingebaut. Alles ist wieder voll funktionsfähig.Ich habe mir erlaubt, Ihre Adresse an unsere Hauselektriker weiterzugeben, denn dieses Problem haben andere Firmen auch und nun haben wir eine Adresse, die bei solchen Fällen weiterhilft. Großes Kompliment an Ihre Mitarbeiter. Bernd
ANONYMOUS - 17/10/2019
Very pleasant conversation, will gladly come again
ANONYMOUS - 13/08/2019