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Payment for Goods and Payment of Applicable Taxes

Customers that provide credit card information confirm that the information is accurate, that charges will be honoured by the customer's credit card company, and that the card user will pay the fees charged to the customer at the rates that apply at the time of the transaction and appropriate taxes. The customer shall be responsible for all charges incurred through use of the password supplied by the customer.

Site Exclusion

Radwell retains the right to block access to part or all of this site without notice.

Privacy Policy

Radwell International, LLC (collectively with its affiliated companies) policy is to protect personally identifiable information provided to us on the Radwell International, LLC Site from unauthorized access. For purposes of definition, 'Personally Identifiable Information' means individually identifiable information that can be used to identify an individual - including, a first and last name, mailing, shipping and/or invoice addresses (including street names and city and town names), e-mail address, telephone, mobile, pager and fax numbers or any other identifier that may permit physical or online contact with a specific individual.

Information Collected

You can visit the Radwell International, LLC site without providing any personally identifiable information. However, we may need to collect such data from you for specific purposes, such as when you request information. There are also portions of the website that permit you to register for the purpose of purchasing products or services and where personally identifiable information will be collected. The Radwell International, LLC Site is not intended for the use of persons under the age of 13. Radwell International, LLC does not knowingly solicit or collect personal information from or about children or market its products and services to children.

Other websites that may be accessible from the Radwell International, LLC site may have their own privacy policy statement, in which case any additional or different terms in such policies will apply when accessing third party sites.

Use of Collected Information

Radwell International, LLC uses the personally identifiable information that you provide to reply to your inquiry or process your request. Radwell International, LLC may need to share this information with companies that have been contracted to perform services. These service providers are however required to use the information only for the service they have been contracted to provide (e.g. when you pay for a purchase with a credit card). Radwell International, LLC does not share personally identifiable information with any third parties for use in marketing. Radwell International, LLC will release such information if you direct us to, if we are required by law to do so, or under other limited circumstances as permitted by law.

Radwell International, LLC does however contract, under the confidentiality restrictions mentioned above, with a third party service partner, to provide data collection and reports on our customers' activities on our site, some of which may be personally identifiable. They may use cookies on our behalf and may receive information about your browsing and buying activity. Under no circumstances may they use your information for purposes other than the provision of services to us that make our site more useful and efficient.


The Radwell International, LLC Site uses various systemic and administrative means to protect personally identifiable information from unauthorized or improper access. Within Radwell International, LLC, access to such information is limited to those who need this information to process your inquiry.

General Policy Conditions

This policy may be amended by Radwell International, LLC from time to time without a notice of this being issued to you. You can review the most current version of this policy at any time at this site.

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